Mary Reid Artist

New York City [July 2023] – Artist Mary Reid is one of ten artists whose work will be featured in CHROMA: THE PROPERTY OF LIGHT, presented by the Debbie Dickinson Gallery. The opening will be held at Calligaris, 144 West 18th Street, NYC on July 11th from 5-8 pm. Reid’s paintings will be on view from July 6th through August 3.

Inspired by Renaissance artists as well as academic painters and impressionists, Reid’s paintings are a combination of classical realism and her natural inclination for vibrant, intense color. Evoking passionate feelings through subject and symbolism, Reid’s art encompasses an entire story in one portrait: a timeless concept, which resonates within our modern image-driven society. She invites us to reflect on our own experiences through her close-up, empathetic observation of humanity, fueled by compositional symmetry and harmonious color.

While Reid embraces the technical aspects of creating art, she reveres the painterly effects of looser brushstrokes that perfectly capture the play of light. In her time as a make-up artist, she learned to see the inherent beauty in everyone, and looks at each person she encounters to discover what makes them beautiful; hence, it’s natural that her subject matter is always portraiture or figurative. This is why Mary’s paintings resonate beyond the obvious appeal of exquisite features. These luminous images enthrall viewers with their ageless composition and a whisper of the divine.